AIMHI Benchmarking Report

The Academy of International Mobile Healthcare Integration (AIMHI) Releases 

Quarter 2, 2022 Member Benchmarking Report

AIMHI benchmarking reports perform a fundamental service to EMS leaders and local policy makers by demonstrating the clinical, operational, and economic outcomes of High Performance/High Value EMS (HPHVEMS), systems.

These reports also demonstrate the innovation and system design changes that occur in these systems to meet the current challenges in EMS delivery and sustainability.

AIMHI’s goals in releasing this information are to:

  • Provide current, relevant and digestible information to ensure the progress and growth of the HPHVEMS model.
  • Inform local public policy officials and EMS leaders on the clinical, operational and fiscal outcomes that are achievable by using a High-Performance, High-Value EMS delivery model.
  • Expand the reputation and efficiency of EMS nationally and internationally.

AIMHI is releasing quarterly reports on the member EMS systems that highlight the demographic, clinical, operational, and financial outcome statistics of the nation’s highest performing EMS systems.  The data contained in these reports will demonstrates excellent clinical outcomes and proficiency, outstanding operational effectiveness, and exceptional financial efficiency.

These are the reports you want to read if you want to know how your urban or suburban EMS system compares to these systems on key measures such as clinical proficiency, service delivery innovation, response times, cost per unit hour, cost and revenue per transport, and reliance on local tax subsidy.

Data contained in this 2nd Quarter report includes:

  • Emergency Medical Dispatch credentials and operations
  • Medical First Responder (MFR) minimum qualifications
  • Ambulance staffing and response plans
  • Clinical performance & clinical dashboards
  • Service innovations & transformations over the past few years

The next quarterly benchmark report will cover Medical Direction, QA and training, costs for medical oversight, fleet information and costs, employee engagement, vacancy rates, turnover and retention/recruitment initiatives. 

Download the 2nd Quarter Benchmarking report here:

2022 AIMHI Benchmarking Summary - Q2 Summary FINAL.pdf

Click below to view or download the 1st Quarter report here: 

2022 AIMHI Benchmarking Summary - Q1 FINAL.pdf

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