On-Demand Webinar: Caring for the Caregiver

6 Mar 2019 7:02 AM | AIMHI Admin (Administrator)

March 5, 2019 | 2:00 pm ET | FREE Webinar | Watch On-Demand

People are our most valuable resource. How do we design and operationalize our systems to be patient-focused in quality, performance and value, while simultaneously ensuring that the people-focus is not lost or taken for granted.

The concept of the "quadruple aim" has been coined to suggests that a better experience for the provider not only helps prevent burnout and other issues, but also typically leads to better patient experience of care and improved outcome.

This webinar will introduce the context of the original Institute for Healthcare Improvement Triple Aim and how these tenets, when applied within a Mobile Integrated Health based system, have a direct impact on the well-being of people working within the organization. This well-being includes key factors of provider physical and mental wellness and how these are directly linked to the delivery of quality care, workplace engagement and acceptance to change.

The issue of psychological wellness and how organizations are committing to the implementation of programs and activities to ensure optimal provider health will also be discussed.

The session agenda will provide participants with the ability to hear from international EMS leaders and their experiences related to Provider Mental Health.

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Your presenters:

Kevin Smith, BAppB:ES, CMM III, ACP, CEMC
Niagara Emergency Medical Service
Ontario, Canada

Dean Dow, MBA, CMTE
President & Chief Executive Officer
REMSA – Care Flight
Reno, Nevada, USA

Mayram Traub
Psychological Wellness Facilitator
Niagara Emergency Medical Service

Ontario, Canada

Desiree Partain, CCP-C
MIH Manager & Hope Squad Coordinator
MedStar Mobile Healthcare
Fort Worth, Texas, USA

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