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2022 AIMHI EMS Leadership Award | Dr. Veer Vithalani

7 Jul 2022 9:33 PM | AIMHI Admin (Administrator)

Leadership in Integrated Healthcare Award | This award recognizes an individual who has made significant impact on the integration of EMS, or the advancement of the integration of EMS into the healthcare system.

Dr. Veer Vithalani

Veer Vithalani, MD
Medical Director
MedStar Mobile Healthcare

Dr. Vithalani has been an incredible advocate for the expanded role of EMS and EMS practitioners in the community and healthcare system. All of the MIH programs conducted are with the full support, education, credentialing and often, suggestion of Dr. Vithalani.

Most notably, to support the use of non-CLIA waived Point of Care testing that supports clinical interventions by MedStar's MIH Team, Dr. Vithalani took the required training, and became a Certified Lab Director, that allowed us to become certified as a Moderate Complexity Lab, facilitating the use of non-CLIA waived POC tests and processes.

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